Expert Tips for Freelance Medical Writing

Succeed By Learning From the Experts

Find out what it takes to launch, build, and maintain a successful medical writing business.

If you want to succeed as a freelance medical writer, there's no substitute for learning from those who have already done it. Now you can benefit from the shared personal experiences of nine seasoned freelance medical communicators, who open up in this invaluable guide.

In this Expert Tips download, you'll get 25 pages of in-depth advice — for freelance medical writers, from freelance medical writers. Divided into sections especially for new, experienced, and seasoned freelancers, their tips answer your questions on how to

  • Get a freelance business started
  • Maintain and grow a successful business
  • Keep a work/life balance and avoid burnout
  • Break out of the feast-or-famine work cycle
  • Tell a good opportunity from a bad one
  • And more

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